Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

To understand what’s really going on inside the body, we complete a hair tissue mineral analysis test which checks for over 30 different minerals and metals in the body. Our goal is to understand root cause of the issues being experienced.

A Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis test is a simple way of checking your body’s mineral levels and toxins from an analysis of a hair sample. It is a clinically proven laboratory test, using a sample of hair sent to us at the laboratory.

A Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis test can help show up any hidden deficiencies before they cause problems and provide information that means a simple tweak in your diet or supplement regime can make a big difference to your overall health and well-being.

A hair analysis test will also show whether you have accumulated any toxic metals, for example mercury, or lead or perhaps aluminium, arsenic or cadmium.

Measuring the mineral content of your hair gives you a great wealth of information about your levels of nutrients and their ratios and whether you are storing any harmful substances in your body.

This simple test gives you a unique perspective on your health that would otherwise be hidden and this highly revealing test offers incredible value for money.

Here at Coming Alive, we recommend you test your hair every 3-4 months during a period of tweaking diet or supplement regime so that you can see the progress. We typically find in the second and third hair tests in when people see the true extent of the heavy metal toxicity that was stored in soft tissue.