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Gut Bacteria

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Last year, I was telling my patients that I wish someone would do a research study on people who had Coronavirus reactions or were struggling to recover from the Coronavirus. I truly believed based on my own research that there would be a link to gut health on the people who got the virus, or the people who had severe reactions and definitely in the recovery of the virus.

After doing my own research study to find out that 85% of my patients with Neurological issues also had gut health issues, and 95% of them had heavy metal toxicity (Which by the way affects the integrity of the gut lining, therefore causing gut issues) I very nearly did my own research, but I didn’t want to take myself away from my path of helping the children I am helping, so I left it to other researchers and scientists and stuck to my own path. 

I am so passionate about gut health for three reasons:-

  • Firstly, because I trained in gut health and was amazed at how many medical conditions it can affect
  • Secondly, because by helping my sons with their gut health, one of them can now write so neatly, and really struggled with writing before, his behaviour is much better and many of his neurological labels have gone. He was a child that was always at the doctors or hospital pulling or tearing muscles, breaking bones and being accident prone, and we have not been for a year since going on this journey. My other son had asthma and we were frequently calling out an ambulance or going to the doctor and he was receiving steroids or some times on a nebuliser. By testing him, I found out he had mercury poisoning but also severe gut issues (The highest Candida I have seen in tests I have sent off, and bacteria) causing lots of issues. It’s something he is still healing from, but for 12 months we have not had the need for an inhaler and he has had NO asthma symptoms at all. (touching wood as I type!)
  • Thirdly, I have helped hundreds of families with Neurological issues and a massive part we focus on is the child’s gut health, and I have seen first hand the impact it has. I have had children come off epilepsy meds, children move from dyslexia schools into mainstream schools, children happier, children less angry, children’s handwriting improve, and so much more. This post isn’t about that, and I could talk all day about it!

Back to the point of this post, I knew at some point scientists would start researching, and it came to no surprise to me that the research showed that bacteria found in a person’s digestive tract can affect the severity of coronavirus infections.

Here are a few links for you

Science Focus

Link to the journal is here

This isn’t new information to me, as I know just how many medical issues the gut can be responsible for, so I have decided to spread my knowledge in the hope it helps MANY people.

I will be running a free webinar which will be available on replay forever. During the webinar I will share the link between gut health and many health conditions, the research to do with coronavirus and more importantly, how you can improve your gut health.

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