'Behind the label' to get to the root cause

The problem that many parents find, is that they are given a 'label' for their children, whether it be Anxiety, ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Depression, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia, Epilepsy, Epilepsy Absence Seizures, IBS, On the spectrum, OCD, PDA, SPD  and so many other labels with no solutions to help their condition / symptoms, other than the label or medication. I remember being given my sons labels / diagnosis walking away and crying feeling so lost and helpless, but going through the journey we have, has enabled us to help so many families in the process. My belief is that it's important to get to the root cause of the label, to allow children of today, the adults of the future to have a happier and better quality of life.

We specialise in helping children and families with neurological disorders, anxiety and sleep issues by understanding mineral imbalances and any metal toxicity they have contributing to the 'label' or symptoms they have. We also test retained reflexes, and help with stress and emotional trauma to help the body balance. We have a proven formula to help get behind the label to improve the symptoms.

Our belief is that even if this helps the symptom by 10%, what a difference it would have on the quality of childhood and life these children experience, but what if it has a much bigger impact than this, just like it has for many children following the formula. We have worked with hundreds of families with various conditions / labels, helping with respiratory issues (asthma), lower epilepsy absence seizures, improve memory processing, and help children remove anger, anxiety and struggles learning.


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The Coming Alive Knowledge Base

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Here’s a few of our favourite Knowledge Base articles that’ll get you started. You can also take a look at the entire Coming Alive Knowledge Base too

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

If you want to understand the root cause of your neurological, or health & wellness issues, we recommend starting with a hair tissue mineral analysis which tests over 30 minerals and metal balances.

Gut / Microbiome Health

If you want to have a strong immune system, as well as good brain health, heart health, and improved sleep and mood, gut health is really important. It may also help to prevent chronic health issues.

Retained Primitive Reflexes

We were all born with a set of innate involuntary reflexes which should integrate in our early years. For many reasons, these reflexes are retained which can then cause a whole range of issues

Nutrition and Supplements

Once you have had a hair test, we can discuss mineral and nutrition needs based on your specific hair results. We do not give generic advice, because everybody has different mineral balances.


What’s our own health journey been like? Sit back, relax, and have enjoy our story!

Both of my sons had different issues going on. One had Asthma and the other had many neurological labels such as Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and suspected PDA, ASD, ADHD, SPD symptoms. We visited the doctor or hospital at least every other month from when they were born up to when we started our Natural Health journey. Since then, we have not been to the doctors or hospital once!

We tried everything and was at the point of just giving up and then we found the hair test which changed our lives.

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